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Contract Cleaning Company Discover The 5 Things You NEED To Check Before You Hire Them

Your contract cleaning company is one of the most important things in your business. It not only helps your staff productivity but it also stops infections and other illnesses passing through your workforce.

So what do you need to find out from your contract cleaning company before you hire them? This applies no matter where you are based but particularly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

We’ve got some simple tips for you to follow.

1. Find out more about the contract cleaning company

contract cleaning company check them outTo have confidence in your contract cleaning company you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of their business – not just yours. We recommend finding out where they already clean and what they clean.  You might find other services that you can use instead of just the one. It’s also worth finding out about their staff and what the retention rate is like. This helps to make sure you are with the right company for you.

You can learn more about us here 

2. See if they operate policies that suit your business

At Clean.Scot, we developed several policies that focus on quality management, greener working and fairer work for all of our employees. Not everyone in Glasgow & Edinburgh do this and it’s something we are incredibly proud of. If you’ve never asked about these things with your current cleaning contractor then it’s worth asking now.  These policies not only make us an efficient business but they can also save you money in the long run.

See our green cleaning ETHOS here

3.  Are they based locally to you (i.e. Glasgow and Edinburgh) to be able to respond fast?

We have area managers and supervisors based in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. This means they can be contacted to support you very quickly with any type of cleaning issues you may have.

4. Get a copy of their testimonials

Every contract cleaning company should be proud of the clients they work with and we’re no different. Our cleaning clients are like our family and we take care of them to make sure they are always content and happy with their cleaning. So if they aren’t it becomes a huge priority for us to make sure we sort it. No big company will treat their customers as well as we do and we take pride in that fact.

5. Make sure you find out the line of command

This is our last contract cleaning company tip and it’s the best one. If you’ve already got a cleaning contractor how easy is it to get in touch with questions or make a complaint? All of our clients have contact numbers for both their area manager and supervisor. But that wasn’t enough for us everyone also has a dedicated account manager based in our Glasgow office. That person will assist and sort out every issue you have.

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