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Making The Most Of Your Office Window Cleaning

When it comes to office window cleaning, you need to know that you are getting the value for money and the right cleaning expertise. It’s no easy thing to clean a window and leave it spotless. So what do you need to be on the look out for?

First of all not all of your window glass is the same. There are many different varieties used in windows. Before you go any further it’s best to check what type of glass you use. That way you make sure you do everything correctly!

Once you’ve checked and found out the glass you have you can work to make sure that you can get the right cleaning for window cleaning tips

Office Window Cleaning Doing It Yourself?

It might surprise you. Vinegar and a newspaper are used in both home and office window cleaning quite regularly in the industry. There are no harsh chemicals. So we’re not going to endanger anyone by using them. Plus the smell of the vinegar will quickly vanish.

Vinegar definitely does have its advantages as well, that’s why we often use it. Used in the right combination when cleaning window you end up with a beautiful shine. Plus it leaves no smears. That makes your business and your house look better!

What about office window cleaning at height?

We never recommend anyone to do office window cleaning at heights. Even if you can do it from inside or safely sat somewhere – you never know what might happen next! This is the advantage with having commercial office window cleaners. Our window cleaners are trained to work at heights.

However they have a large array of equipment to make the job easier. For example extending poles, ladders and lifts. No cleaning job should be carried out above the height of your cleaners!

Use more than just a wet cloth or sponge.

Window cleaners in a commercial cleaning services business will never just use a cloth. Instead they have mastered the art of the squeegee. Try it yourself that is an incredibly hard craft to get correct. But with our tips you can start become a pro in no time. Make sure you have a good quality squeegee.  Don’t waste any time on office window cleaning using a worn-out or cheap squeegee. Cheap squeegees will not dry glass effectively.

– Horizontal strokes are best 

Although sometimes you’ll not be able to, we recommend trying to do horizontal strokes across your windows. Making sure that after each stroke, you catch any excess liquid using a damp cloth to stop the window marking from dirty water.

– Do not let the squeegee get too wet 

If your squeegee becomes too wet, you’ll just be spreading dirty water everywhere. That gets you nowhere. After each horizontal wipe, you’ll need to ring your squeegee out a little bit. It makes sure it’s still collecting liquid to the best of its ability!

– Buff and final touches with a dry cloth 

Once you’ve washed and squeegeed your window, you’ll need to make sure there is nothing left that will dry into a stain or mark. This is essential to give your office window a spotless clean finish with no smudges or marks.

Smile and enjoy looking at your reflection in your office windows

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