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Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Your Offices And Workplace

We offer commercial carpet cleaning services that will keep your carpet clean. However we will also make sure that your carpet lasts longer. Our cleaners have full carpet cleaning training to NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) Standards. So they ensure your carpet isn’t holding onto any dirt or muck that could be dangerous to you, your workforce or your visitors.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Is More Than Just A Quick Vacuum

commercial carpet cleaning for your officeOur trained carpet cleaners make sure that your carpet cleaning is more than just a quick hoover across the top. That will not lift the dirt that is lying at the root of the carpet fibres. In addition, we combat most of the major stains that hit your carpet including coffee and ink. Whilst stains are bad for appearance some of them will also start to attack and weaken the fibres.

At the same time, a lot of dirt and grit will sink to the base of the carpet. At that point, they will start to cause wear and tear of the fibres as people walk over them.  For this reason, we use a variety of carpet cleaning arrangements dependent on your carpet condition.

The commercial carpet cleaning we offer will pay special attention to focuses on key walking areas, known as traffic lanes, to make them more presentable to your visitors and staff.

Don’t Be Caught Out Use Our Professionally Trained Carpet Cleaners

You can speak to one of our trained staff members who can give you advice on keeping your carpet clean. Alternatively, ask for one of our representatives to come into your office and give you a free price comparison.

Either way, your carpet is the gateway to your business so don’t let it slip. Get in touch now email , call 0800 999 1247 or request a free callback.

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