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Communal Area Cleaning

This meeting zone needs communal area cleaning scheduled regularlyCommunal area cleaning is a major part of your workplace. But what do mean by communal areas? When we think about it:-

  • It’s where your staff come to relax in the middle of the day.
  • It is where you hold your meetings throughout your day.
  • It is also placed where your staff or visitors gather. For example outside lift doors, your coffee machine, reception desks.
  • It could also include toilets, changing rooms, showers, waiting areas, corridors depending on the type of business you work in.

This means that your organisation needs to keep these communal areas clean. We offer professional communal area cleaning that will give your staff and your visitors a good and lasting first impression.

Why do I need communal area cleaning?

Like many areas of your business, a communal area needs to be kept clean and tidy to stop the passing of infections. Your communal area, however, will differ slightly because of the way it is used. For example your staff kitchen/canteen – staff will be eating and preparing food in the area. There is a bigger risk of bacteria growing on work surfaces. If that is not dealt with professionally it is possible that sickness can spread throughout your workforce.

Where do we clean?

Dirt can and does collect almost everywhere in your business, with our cleaning you can be assured that we can get every single section. From your lifts, lobbies and corridors to staff rooms or reception areas, with our cleaning your business will be left as clean as a whistle and sparkling for the perfect first impression.

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