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Computer Cleaning Service Is Important For Your Staff Member’s Health And Your Computers Health.

Your computer is a bacteria breeding ground.  Although it may seem clean the chances are it certainly is not. We offer a specialist computer cleaning service to clients in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

What happens if I don’t have a computer cleaning service?

Without a proper computer cleaning service you are opening up your staff and computer up to many different problems. Dust may be blocking air flow causing your machine to run at higher temperatures. This can cause breakdowns at critical moments or fires. At the same time it can assist in passing infections to staff members which can then spread across the whole workforce.

What do I need to check?

need for computer cleaningYour keyboard. Look for crumbs wedged between the keys. Place some sheets of computer printer paper over your desk. Turn the keyboard upside down a few inches above the paper. Then give it a couple of slaps.

Crumbs and/or dust on the printer paper shows it needs cleaning. Even if this is clear the keyboard should be cleaned for bacteria.

Your monitor. Streaks across the monitor screen will create eye strain and potential headaches if used for too long. Whilst compulsory breaks from looking at the screen are helpful going back to a problem screen does nothing to help the problem.

The computer “box”. Check for dust covering the ventilation holes in the side an back of the machine. If this is in any way blocked you are running the risk of overheating the processor. In addition the RAM memory and hard drive can also overheat. By the way an ordinary duster can help push dust inside in the box thereby increasing the risk of fire.

We could give you lots of other examples as well of potential dangers. many of which we found when doing computer cleaning in Edinburgh and Glasgow regions.

Whilst we not know of any similar surveys done in Edinburgh or Glasgow region. But did you know,  the publishers of “Which” magazine researched the levels of bacteria on their office toilet seats. At the same time they checked levels on keyboards and office desks. They found it was twice as safe to eat lunch on the toilet seat rather than their staff desk. This survey has been repeated in many organisations across the UK and USA with similar results.
Our Trained computer cleaning service team.

Our Computer Cleaning Service.

Our team members are all trained to provide a high standard of cleaning computers. We select these staff members and train them to provide this specialist computer cleaning service. Then we train them to do the job thoroughly. However, we also monitor them regularly to ensure our standards are maintained. Training is provided on desktops and laptops for both PC and Apple products.

You will see from the image on the right that small hands are helpful in getting into the keyboards.

NOTE:  We can offer this computer cleaning service as a regular extra to our normal workplace cleaning service or as a separate service if you already have office cleaners.

Looking to get more information about how our specialist team members can help stay healthy to run effectively. Or to  help prevent your staff picking up infections whilst typing give us a ring on 01236 710790 or email us on to arrange a meeting to discuss this in more detail.

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