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Green Cleaning Helps Save You Money And Helps Our Environment At The Same Time

Are you ready to take up our green cleaning challenge? We are working with our clients and competitors to lay down the green cleaning gauntlet!

What Is Green Cleaning?

green cleaning with Clean ScotThrough our Cleaning Services we trying to help all our clients become carbon neutral. We do that in various ways

  1. We aim to use as little electricity power as possible. So we now have state of the art low electricity and battery powered cleaning equipment. This keeps the same cleaning standard but uses less carbon generating power.
  2. By working wherever possible during during the day we use less electric light. (Our flexibility means our customers find this does not interrupt their work.)
  3. Buying cleaning materials at full strength to be diluted only when it reaches us. This means less plastic containers being used to transport materials already containing water. Consequently less diesel is used to transport it.
  4. We also retrained our cleaning staff to use smarter methods which do not create so much waste.

Our Green Cleaning Challenge To YOU!

Many businesses and other organisations have already made company wide commitments to become more environmentally friendly. Unfortunately they were unable to include their workplace cleaning methods. UNTIL NOW.  Clean Scot are amongst the first in the Edinburgh and Glasgow area to have made this very necessary switch to become as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Green Cleaning  Challenge started as a small pilot scheme in Glasgow area. Our customers were overwhelming pleased with it so we began to offer it to a wider number. This was done in a number of small steps to allow retraining of staff and iron out problems along the way. Consequently we know that Green Cleaning has made a huge positive impact on so many clients. So we are currently rolling it out to our clients in Edinburgh.  Yes our cleaning service Clean Edinburgh in a positive green way is our current aim. Just we have been working to clean Glasgow.

Want to get in on the green cleaning revolution? Get in touch with us on to see how we can save you money!

Take Our Green Cleaning Challenge Today

We’re laying down the challenge to our clients and competitors to work with us to create a green cleaning environment. Do you think your business has what it takes? If so request a callback or email We will be more than happy to talk you through creating your green cleaning challenge.

Whether you are looking for an end of tenancy cleaning or office cleaning indeed we also clean retail shops and medical (including Opticians and Hearing clinics) premises. W are the green cleaners Edinburgh needs.

I Already Have A Cleaning Company

If you’ve already got a cleaning company, ask them about THEIR green cleaning policy. Ask them to show you in detail what steps they have already taken too make your cleaning greener and cheaper.

If you don’t yet have a cleaning company that meets your company environmental policy standards. Talk to us. Just give us a call on 01236 710790 or use the call us back form on this page.


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