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cleaning officesWorkplace and Office Cleaning
We offer comprehensive regular cleaning to offices across Glasgow and Edinburgh, making sure your business shines from the moment someone steps in. For offices, we generally offer cleaning of all carpets, desktops, computers, toilets and traffic lanes throughout the organisation. Plus a regular deep clean that will bring all the dirt that is mixed in with the carpet fibres.
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Car Showroom Cleaning
A car showroom requires a huge amount of cleaning to make sure your customers are not only safe from infections that could be in and on all your cars but also impressed by your company! No one will buy a car from a showroom that has worn out flooring and dust under the wheels, will they? It’s important that as a business you are ready to make sure that all areas that are inspected are clean.
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nightclub cleaningNightclubs
Trips, slips and other hazards are always around when you are in a nightclub so making sure your cleaning is up to scratch should be a top priority, we always make sure that your bar area is completely washed so no sticky residue is there and that your toilets, floor and stairs are all non-slip, sparkling and free of germs ready for the next big hen-do or stag party to roll through your doors.
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cleaning pubs and barsPubs & Bars
We consider pubs, bars and nightclubs as separate things, simply because of the way the premises needs to be cleaned. Our pub & bar cleaning service focuses more on making sure your kitchen, bar area and tables are hygienic enough for food to be put on as well as making sure drink spills aren’t being soaked into your carpet or ruining your varnished tables.
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residential cleaning end of tenancyRental Properties & End of Tenancy
We offer a specialised End of Tenancy cleaning service for rental properties whether you own a single one or want us to clean ten, we’re always happy to help. Our aims, when we clean in these properties, is to get the visible and hidden dirt from the floor, under the bed, skirting boards, wardrobes, fans and many more places that other companies just don’t bother to check.
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