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Car Showroom Cleaning | Creating A Great First Impression

We offer car showroom cleaning to large and small car showrooms across Glasgow and Edinburgh. We both know how important that your showroom floor and surroundings shine. It is part of creating a good first impression. It also inspires customers to have confidence in the state of your cars.

Making Sure Your Car Showroom Cleaning Works For You.

car showroom cleaning in Edinburgh and GlasgowWe both know how different car showroom cleaning is from normal office and workplace cleaning. Your average office cleaning company will not have experienced that unique challenge. How many offices have tyre marks,  dust around cars, oil and fluids and the need to polish regularly around parked vehicles worth several thousands of pounds.

Clean.Scot has that first hand experience of working alongside car showroom staff to ensure the cleaning is the best possible.

It is the same with ensuring those large windows around the showroom. They need to be kept sparkling clean at all times. It takes a professional cleaner to understand and master the techniques of washing and squeegeeing dry a window without leaving streaks.  Yet those windows are an important part of your business. People will be looking through those windrows every day at your cars. They have to be perfect.

Of course we can not forget the importance of your sales desk area and offices. In addition toilets will always appear fresh and clean. By doing this standard of Car Showroom Cleaning we know we can match and even beat any other cleaning company in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

The Perfect Car showroom Cleaning Experience.

After many years experience we are able to offer some advice on how we can work together to achieve the perfect care showroom cleaning experience. It comes from working in various car showrooms not just in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Avoid carpets in the main car showroom.  Instead have a good size “dirt catcher” mat by the main doors.  This needs to be big enough to have three steps to cross it. Doing so will stop 90% of external dirt even entering your showroom. Use a good hard wearing carpet in the main traffic areas including corridors to toilets, offices and meeting rooms etc.

Keeping dirt off the hard shiny floor and professional use of a buffing machine will keep your car showroom cleaning in tip top condition. It will also be non-slip and left shining to dazzle and impress every customer coming through your doors.

If that is what you want from your car showroom cleaning then lets talk. Give us a ring on 01236 710790 or use Our Call Back feature on the right hand side.

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