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End of Tenancy Cleaning Service for Both Landlords and Tenants | Edinburgh and Glasgow Areas

You appear to be looking for end of tenancy cleaning in the Edinburgh or Glasgow areas.  So you must be coming to the end of your tenancy agreement? Whether you are the landlord or the tenant you are now on the right webpage.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

end of tenancy cleaningOur trained End of Tenancy cleaning staff members will work through your whole property whether it be a bedsitter, flat or 5 bedroom house. This is done in the most methodical way possible one room at a time. They will start with high cleaning areas removing cobwebs from ceilings and corners, dusting light fitting, fans and shelves etc.

Windows and surrounding areas get special attention as do light switches, electric plug sockets and door handles as these can get lots of sweaty finger marks.

  • Bedrooms. Beds and wardrobes/cabinets if free-standing are moved if possible to facilitate cleaning underneath and behind.
  • Kitchens. Cookers oven walls are scrubbed clean wherever necessary. Whilst oven trays are soaked in specialist grease removers. Fridges/freezers are thoroughly defrosted and deodorised. Sinks scrubbed and bleached if necessary. Worktops washed down with bacterial cleaner to remove all traces of potential infections.  All cupboards cleaned out and doors washed and dried. Finally the floor is thoroughly washed
  • Bathrooms. As with the kitchens these areas receive a very thorough clean to remove all traces of potential infections. Toilets are often steam cleaned. Shower walls and screens are cleaned to remove all streaks and water runs. Shower heads removed and cleaned out to remove scum and blocked jets.

Obviously this is not our full end of tenancy cleaning schedule checklist that runs to several pages.

Our Cleaning Service for Landlords

As property owners ourselves we know the condition we would expect houses to be returned to us. We will not compromise on that standard for your property. As a professional cleaning company using trained staff on every job we do we are able to provide full inspection reports. These reports list (with photos if requested in advance) areas not cleaned by tenants who have the property in poor condition.

Your property will by the time we have finished our end of tenancy cleaning service will be ready for renting out straight away. This puts money back in your pocket again to cover any costs incurred in renting. If you have several properties in Glasgow or Edinburgh which need to be cleaned in this way let us know and we can come to a special arrangement.

Simply ring our office on 01236 710790  or use the call us back feature on the right of this page.

Our Cleaning Service for Tenants

We understand that moving house is very stressful. You have so many things to think about all at the same time. It is difficult to set aside time to do a through end of tenancy cleaning job particularly if you are moving some distance away. Why not let us take that hassle away from you? We will do a professional clean for you after you have moved out and give you a full report (with photos if requested in advance) showing exactly what has been cleaned. This will help you get your rental deposit back with minimal hassle.

We love working with landlords and have many satisfied customers in Glasgow and Edinburgh.  If you are looking for an end of tenancy cleaning service then we need to talk – email or call 01236 710790.

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