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Restaurant Cleaning From Kitchen To Table Including Full Kitchen Cleans

Making sure your restaurant cleaning is up to the highest standard is one of your biggest priority. This applies especially where food is being prepared as these bring in unique challenges. Any bacteria not dealt with properly with quality restaurant cleaning could cause a major infectious outbreak. You know the effect that can have on your reputation.

Your Restaurant Public Areas

scheduled restaurant cleaning Obviously the main cleaning areas here would be the entrance doors and lobby. (They are likely to be the first thing your customers will see along with the windows). This need special attention to make sure they are free of dirty marks and streaks.

Your flooring will show wear faster in traffic lanes. This will be, for example, entrance areas, between tables,  path to toilets and kitchen area. A good restaurant cleaning programme will give these special attention. This will mean a thorough clean each day. We also monitor for deep cleans. This could be carpet shampooing or regular polish and/or buffer as appropriate.

That would be over and above the standard daily thorough cleaning of floors. Additionally windows, paint work such as skirting boards, decorative objects (pictures, lamps etc), door handles, light fittings etc.  Staff and public toilets would need special attention. Many customers will rate these as an important part of any judgement about returning on later occasions.

Our Area Managers and Supervisors are trained on these issues. So are fully aware of the impact they make on customers. They will also carry out regular monitoring inspections of your restaurant areas. That report will also take into account your own views. Reports are studied by our company Directors.  We take our continuous improvement programme seriously.

Our Restaurant Cleaning Can Include Cleaning of Kitchen Areas

restaurant-food-preparation imageMany restaurant owners/managers will be looking for us to clean their kitchen and food preparation areas as well.  This means it is cleaned to the same high standard of restaurant cleaning. In our experience that most restaurant managers employ their own kitchen porter for pots and pans etc. But our specialist teams do all other kitchen cleaning tasks.

It is important that all food preparation areas are cleaned by trained and experienced cleaners. Our restaurant cleaning staff are  provided with specialist training for this important task.

  • All ovens and stove areas are scrubbed clean.
  • Grill racks are given a prior soaking, if necessary, in a specialist grease remover.
  • Canopy areas and extraction fan filters are cleaned of grease and polished daily as required.
  • Fridges and movable storage areas moved to ensure no food has dropped behind them. External parts are then cleaned.
  • At the end of our cleaning shift all kitchen and associated area floors have a thorough wash and/or scrub.

If required, we also clean extraction ducts with certificates of cleaning and photos for your files.

Why use Clean.Scot for your kitchen and restaurant cleaning?

Before starting any type of restaurant cleaning contract we jointly prepare a thorough cleaning schedule. That way no area is missed. Show it to any health inspection team visitors. It says you take cleaning issues seriously and have a thorough restaurant cleaning programme in place.

We know from past experience that our cleaning schedule fully meets standards set out in the HSE Guidelines for Hospitality report.

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