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Cleaning FAQs

Cleaning In Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Whether you are looking for cleaning in Edinburgh or Glasgow you are bound to have some questions. We have listed the most common questions we are asked below. We hope they answer some of your questions but if we have missed your query just send us an email or for a faster response give our friendly office staff a ring on 01236 710790. We can then also add it the list for the benefit of others looking for a new company that offers cleaning in Edinburgh or Glasgow

1. Do I need to supply cleaning equipment?

a. No, the cleaning equipment is supplied by From mops and buckets to cleaning liquids and other materials, everything is kept either on site on in one of our mobile cleaning vans which can be accessed at any time.

2. How do you know your staff are trustworthy?

a. We spend a lot of time working to make sure the staff we hire are able to the job specified, all of our staff go through a Disclosure Scotland safety check before starting to work for us to make sure they are fully capable of the job at hand.

3. We already have cleaners, what happens now?

a. If you already have cleaners, by law we have to offer a job within your premises to these employees. However that means they will join the Clean.Scot team and have more opportunities to work in businesses across Glasgow and Edinburgh. That is assuming you want to keep the same cleaning staff.
If they are not up to scratch we will be able to retrain them and ensure they meet your standards. We are professional managers and expect them to work professionally when they move to our employment. You can rest assured that you will always receive high standards of cleaning in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

4. What times and days do you clean?

a. As part of our green cleaning, we try to clean when your business is in use either in the morning or at the end of the day. But our cleaners are available to businesses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including bank holidays, Christmas and New Year.

5. I want to move to your company

a. That’s great news and we’ll always welcome new customers to our family. Now all you need to do is  get in touch with us and let us know when you want us to start.   We’ will work through the rest with you step by step!

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