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Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide excellent commercial cleaning services across the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. Plus you get dedicated Area Managers and supervisors ready to help you with every query. With over 40 years experience within the cleaning industry, you can’t go wrong by choosing Clean.Scot.

Why Clean.Scot Commercial Cleaning Services?

We take the stress out of making sure your business is spotless and sparkling with the best hygiene. Remember we operate right across the Glasgow and Edinburgh area.

commercial cleaning services companyWe make sure you’ll always have a cleaner so that your business never misses out. In addition we ensure that all your cleaning equipment is working and ready to use. Everything not fully satisfactory we replace.

You’ll also only pay for what you need, no extra or hidden costs. In addition whether you are in Edinburgh or Glasgow remember we give you a reliable account manager and a cleaning supervisor. They are both there to make sure you are happy with the commercial cleaning services being provided by ourselves.

All our cleaning staff are trained to NCCA and BICSc accreditation standards. That means they have some of the best training available in Scotland.

Already in a contract? Check out our handy guide to leaving your current cleaner and moving to our services. We will even keep all of the cleaning staff with solid retraining in place to improve their performance even more. So only two things will change. Firstly you get potentially a cheaper price. Secondly a higher standard of commercial cleaning services.

Stop! Don’t Worry About That Cleaning Cupboard

Hire us as your commercial cleaning services company.  We make sure that your cleaning cupboard is always stocked up and never bare. From mops, buckets, clothes and more – we make sure you’ve got it all.

We even take into consideration what is safe for your business and staff members.

For example, during our initial survey in one Edinburgh office block we saw a notice beside the kitchen sink. It had been put up a office worker asking colleagues not to use lemon based products. We realised that the staff member would be allergic to lemon/citrus products. So we produced a new list of cleaning materials specifically for that office containing no citric products. Not even air fresheners in the toilets.

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If your are looking for a new commercial cleaning services company in either Glasgow or Edinburgh contact us either by phone 01236 710790 or email using our contact form here.

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About Clean.Scot

We’re Clean Scot, a commercial cleaning company based in Glasgow. We have commercial cleaners based in both of Scotland’s major cities, Edinburgh & Glasgow to make sure you get the clean you need every single time.

Find out more about Clean Scot including why we are different from other commercial cleaning companies and why that means you can trust us.

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