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Nightclub Cleaning Service Can Bring Back The Party Sparkle And Fun Your Customers Want

Stag nights, hen-dos, birthday parties and more come through your nightclub doors every single day. That means your nightclub cleaning needs to be at the height of cleaning excellence at the start of every new session.

What is included in our nightclub cleaning service?

Our nightclub cleaning service is tailor made to suit your needs. We have experience — even at senior management levels  — in dealing with all aspects of a nightclub. So we can understand the problems you are facing.

nightclub cleaning Edinburgh and GlasgowFor example our nightclub cleaning staff are able to be involved in:

  • Keeping your entrance doorways and corridors clean and sparkling.
  • Making sure your night club bar tops are cleaned each day.
  • The bar frontage is washed down to remove all spilt drink. That means fewer customers complaining about their clothes being damaged.
  • Seating areas are cleaned including table tops and the chewing gum that invariably gets stuck underneath removed.
  • Carpeted areas cleaned to remove spills and dirt. Don’t we all hate those sticky carpeted floors!
  • Dance floors swept and cleaned to help prevent slips.
  • Dependant on the surface we can provide a “strip and seal” on a regular basis. This will help reduce damage to your floors.
  • Toilet areas given a thorough clean including mirrors, doors, walls to remove any marks. Machines cleaned down.
  • All damages reported for maintenance or repair. We want to do everything we can to minimise hazards to your customers and night-time revellers.

You may want your own staff involved in some of these tasks. That is why we have a very flexible way of working with people in the leisure industry. The term Night club cleaning has a very wide scope. That allows us to use the above list like a pick and mix menu.

Regular deep cleans to make nightclubs sparkle

Over time,the build up of wear and tear and ingrained dirt on carpets, hard flooring and upholstery will be too much for normal nightclub cleaning service. To combat this problem we are able to do regular deep cleans. This is where we put in some extra staff to do special deep cleans. Strip and seal on hard floors. Carpet and upholstery shampoo cleans. This could be done on a fixed regular arrangement or as and when requested. This unique nightclub deep clean service will give back that special sparkle needed to keep your customers happy.

Why Choose Us For Your Nightclub Cleaning?

We have over 40 years experience in commercial cleaning. This includes nurseries, offices, nightclubs, pubs restaurants and more. So you can have full confidence in our company and our staff to make sure your organisation is spotless.

Simply talk to us and help us to understand exactly what you require and be surprised for a very special price.  All yo0u ned to do now is email, or for a quicker response telephone  01236 710790. Alternatively use the form on the right to request a callback.

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